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Shoes for​

Planet Earth!




An Australian based non-for-profit organisation started in 2009 by people who love to run and want to give something back. We're working together with local communities to provide recycled running shoes to those in need around Australia.

​Your financial and shoe donations have provided over 80,000 pairs of feet the support they need in over 18 countries around the globe. We thank you very much for your contribution.

With the current changes happening around the world we have been forced into make a few changes to the way we receive and process our shoe donations.

If you have shoes to donate please check our Shoe Collector list for a  drop-off location near you.

Many have closed so we have an alternative process in place.

Please email us ,, with your:

a) location

b) number of pairs of shoes

c) type - male/female/kids 

We will connect you with a local charity that you can either deliver or mail your shoes to.

Very few shoes are going abroad due to international shipping restrictions.

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Established in 2009, our mission is to change the lives of over 100,000 people through the gift of a pair of sports shoes.


We accept sports shoes and funds to help various communities around the world.

Homeless shelters, youth and female crisis centres, indigenous community sporting groups, orphanages, churches, flood and other disaster victims and communities across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Asia and Africa.

Become A Collector

Our shoes are collected from a number of sources – podiatrists, shoe stores, gyms, churches, individuals etc. We are always looking to expand our network so please contact us if you are interested in collecting shoes for us. Only SPORTS SHOES please!


  • If you wish to donate your sports shoes please first check our Shoe Collectors page for  a location near you. 

  • If you wish to become a Permanent Shoe Collector or do a formal shoe drive please send us an email at

  • If you are or know of a community who would benefit from receiving our shoes please also send us an email at


Your Contribution Is Truly Appreciated
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