Vienna Shoe Collection

Veronica Lees organised this shoe drive and she tells us:

We had a shoe drive within our company over one week and took athletic shoes for Men, Women and Children. We filled 4 big boxes and collected about 50-60 pairs of shoes. We delivered the mens and womens athletic shoes to a homeless shelter called the Gruft (The Crypt)

The rest of the shoes we donated to the Charity Caritas who cover a large range of people in need, from homeless, refugees and the elderly. In this case they will be distributed among their women and childrens shelters around Vienna.

We are still getting emails from people who forgot and so I have another box set up to keep collecting until our next official drive in the fall! It was such a joy and you guys were really my inspiration to start really putting a bigger effort towards giving back.

Thank you Veronica for spreading the love!