The team at Shoes For Planet Earth are excited to announce the addition of our latest ambassador, Kate Smyth.

From humble beginnings as an enthusiastic fun runner of the bush tracks and country roads that abound in her hometown of Orange Kate has become an internationally competitive marathon runner. After attending the Sydney Olympic Marathon as a spectator in 2000 Kate took it upon herself to take her running more seriously; eight years, 50,000 kilometres and over 70 pairs of shoes later she was representing Australia at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing in the marathon event.

Having also represented Australia at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne for the women’s Marathon, in various Ekiden teams for long-distance competitions throughout Asia and in competitive marathons across four continents, Kate has established herself as one of Australia’s best marathon runners.

With her passion now turned to giving to the community that served her so well during her competitive running career Shoes For Planet Earth are proud to have her on board and championing the cause.