Solo backpacker leaves her mark on Australia

jocelynRecently we were contacted by a Taiwanese backpacker, Jocelyn, who had been travelling around Australia.  Jocelyn’s journey had come to an end and she wanted to lighten her load before travelling home.

We were able to put Jocelyn in touch with a homeless centre where she donated her running shoes, spare clothes and a blanket.  What generosity from one young girl from Taiwan!

What if all backpackers travelling around Australia donated their used shoes and clothing to the people in need before they left!

Congratulations Jocelyn on making a difference before leaving our shores.

SFPE donates 400 pairs of shoes to Sydney’s homeless

SFPE donates 400 Pairs of shoes to Sydney's homelessThe annual Homeless Connect event was held at the Sydney Town Hall in July.  SFPE took along 400 pairs of shoes which were handed out in less that an hour!  Our stall is always the first point of call for homeless men and women and as usual we were flat out helping as many people as possible.

It is a great event held each year where the community comes together to help those most in need during winter in Sydney.

The Renegade Runners are at it again!

2016 04 13 RREvery Wednesday, in the Sydney CBD, we take those who are sleeping rough or doing it tough for a walk. Each with a ‘new’ pair of sports shoes and socks we enjoy the camaraderie that a ‘team’ has to offer. Our goal is the Sydney City2Surf, the 14km event held every August. Changing lives one pair of shoes at a time.