Inspired by his father offering a little perspective, young Jet Ostrer has taken upon himself to collect second-hand shoes to donate to Shoes For Planet Earth with a little help from a very supportive dad.

Jet, pictured above with some of the shoes he has collected, is an avid rugby player at
Bondi Breakers Rugby Club, where he collected 30 pairs of boots to donate, and a student at Darlinghurst Public School where he managed to add to his already impressive haul.

Jet’s father got in touch to tell us a little more about Jet’s inspiring efforts:
“He has been playing rugby since he was five and had three pairs of boots in the garage and when I told him there are kids around the world that don’t have boots or even shoes to play sport in. That’s when he said he would like to give his boots to them. That’s when we thought about collecting all the old boots from his rugby club – Bondi Breakers – Gabby Cullen, club president was very supportive and so were all the families.

“Then he decided to try and collect more from his school – Darlinghurst Public School where the vice principal Claire Shepherd was also very supportive in giving it the go ahead. He wants to make this an annual thing now and hopefully next year get more of the rugby union clubs in the Eastern Suburbs involved and collect 100 pairs of boots next year.”

Jet’s efforts already have been much appreciated, and we wish him luck for reaching  his goal of 100 pairs of boots!